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Derrick Grayson

10396542_812666582078876_892566841_nAmerican Mothers on a Mission (AmMo-PAC) is happy to report that we can confidently endorse the U.S. Senate candidate from Georgia, Derrick Grayson.  He has pledged to support and defend “100% of the Constitution, 100% of the time”.

We appreciate the position that he has taken and his respect for a lawful citizen’s Second Amendment right to self-defense immensely.  We believe that he will be an asset to the citizens of Georgia.

Minister Grayson, by profession is a veteran Sr. Network Engineer in the Transportation Industry, an Application Developer for the Law Enforcement Profession and a Technical Trainer. By leveraging those skills along with his knowledge of Multimedia Content Production and Web Development, he has created a web presence for himself on various Social Media Networks and self hosted websites via his own data center.

Minister Grayson’s activism began in 2008, on YouTube. His focus was on the social ills plaguing the Black Community. Minister Grayson, after being introduced to the message of Ron Paul in 2011 by his bandmate, Michael Jamsmith, he has been actively involved in the Liberty Movement, speaking at numerous engagements, interviewing Liberty Candidates on Ground Wars, performing and speaking at various Liberty Movement Events with The AXIS Experience and most notably, he is an ardent supporter on Dr. Ron Paul and has made over 100 Drive Time videos supporting Dr. Paul, his message and his 2012 Campaign.

100 Word Statement –”There’s no doubt that many Americans are struggling and hurting. Despite promises by elected officials, career politicians, and so-called leaders, people across this great nation are finding it more difficult to cope with the various challenges brought about by out of touch politicians. The erosion of personal freedom and liberty as a result of federal policy and legislation is alarming. Instead of encouraging job creation, current policies promote a culture of dependence on big government and welfare programs. It is time we go back to the conservative values and the principles of limited government and individual responsibility made America great.”